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Catullus vocab

Catullus vocab list

Aevum, -i Age, history
Artus -us Joint, limb
As, assis Coin, penny
Basium, -i Kiss
Carta, -ae Sheet of papyrus
Fas Right, divine
Lumen, -inis Light
Lux, lucis Life, light
Nugae, -arum Trifles
Otium, -i Leisure
Par, paris Part, equal
Pumex, -icis Pumice stone
Saeculum, -i Age, generation
Sensus, -us Sense, feeling
Sonitus, -us Sound of
Tenuis, -e Thin, slender, tender
Sol, solis Sun
Labellum, -i Little lip, lip
Sal, salis Salt, sea, brine, wit
Cacchinus, -i Loud laughter
Sacculus, -i Little bag, wallet
Aranea, -ae Spider's web
Unguentum, -i Perfume, ointment
Nasus, -i Nose
Nepos, nepotis Grandson, descendant
Patronus, -i Patron
Aridus, -a, -um Dry
Beatus, -a, -um Blessed
Divus, -a, -um God, divine
Doctus, -a, -um Learned
Geminus, -a, -um Twin, double
Lepidus, -a, -um Charming
Perennis, -e Lasting a long time, eternal
Perpetuus, -a, -um Continuous, everlasting
Serverus, -a, -um Serious
Candidus, -a, -um Bright, beautiful
Locosus, -a, -um Joking, playful
Inpotens, inpotentis Powerless, weak, lively
Invitus, -a, -um Unwilling
Bellus, -a, -um Pretty
Destinatus, -a, -um Determined
Venustas, -a, -um Charming
Merus, -a, -um Pure, untainted
Suavis, suave Pleasant
Disertus, -a, -um Articulate
Aestimo, -are To regard
Audeo, -ere, assus sum To dare, be bold
Conturbo, -are To mix up
Demano, -are To flow down
Eripio, ere, ui, ereptum To raise up, set up, snatch away
Explico, explicare, explicavi, explicatus To explain
expolio, -ire, -ivi, -itum To polish
Exsulto, -are To revel in
Getio, -ire, -ivi To desire eagerly
Invideo, -ere To envy
Occido, -ere, Occidi To kill, fall
Perdo, -ere, perdidi, perditum To lose, waste, ruin
Redeo, -ire To go back
Supero, -are To surpass
Supersum, -esse To be left over
Tego, -ere, texi, tectum To cover
Tintino, -are To ring
Torpeo, -ere To be numb
Vivo, -ere To live
Desino, -ere, desii, desitum To cease
Ineptio, ineptire To make a fool of himself
Pereo, perire, perii, peritum To perish, die
Fulgeo, fulgere, futsi To shine, gleam
Ventito, ventitare, -avi, -atus To go often
Fio, fiere, factus sum To be made
Secto, sectare, sectatus sum To follow
Perfero, perferre, pertuli, perlatum To carry
Obduro, -are, -avi, -atus To persist, endure
Requiro, requirere, requisivi, requisitum To try to find
Basio, basiare, basiavi, basiatus To kiss
Adeo, adere, adii, adytum To approach, go toward
Mordeo, mordere, mormordi, morsum To bite
Ceno, cenare, cenavi, cenatus To dine
Faveo, favere, favi, fautum + dat To favor
Adfero, adferre, attuli, allatum To bring
Olfacio, olfacere, olfeci, olfactum To smell
Identidem Again and again
Modo Only
Nimium Too much
Prius Beforehand, first
Semet Once
Quondam Once, formerly
Quo Where
Quantum As much as
Ibi There
Aliquis, aliquid Some, any
Qualiscumque, qualecumque Of whatever sort
Quisquis, quidquid Whoever, whatever
Adversus + acc Opposite, opposing
Apud + acc At the house of
Created by: parker.fletcher



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