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5th- Physical Sci.

Physical Science Vocabulary

to set or keep apart seperate
the bouncing back of light rays from a surface reflected
the movement of energy through space as waves radiation
the force that pulls objects toward each other gravity
the force between two surfaces rubbing against each other friction
energy that is stored in an object potential energy
how high or low a sound is pitch
energy sources which are not based on burning of fossil fuels or the splitting of atoms alternative energy
to pass or cause to pass through space or through a material transmitted
a change from one form to another without turning into a new substance physical change
enery in form of heat from melted rock deep below Earth's surface geothermal energy
a material that does not let heat, electricity, or sound energy pass through it easily insulator
a complete circuit, allowing the flow of electricity to flow through. (the device starts working) closed circuit
to become absorbed in liquid: to make a solution with another substance dissolved
a change in the position of an object motion
a force that pulls magnetic materials across a distance magnetism
to take something up or in: to soak up a liquid or take in nutrients or chemicals gradually absorb
a push or pull force
the ability of an object or substance to allow heat, electricity, or sound pass through it conductivity
forms that matter can take- solid, liquid, or gas states of matter
the structure, feel and appearance of something texture
a force that causes floating. It is the ability of a liquid or gas to cause less dense objects to float or rise to the surface buoyancy
a particle of matter made of two or more atoms joined tightly together molecule
the point(temperature) at which a solid changes to a liquid melting point
the rapid back and forth movement that produces sound vibrate
the bending of light rays as they move from one material into another material refracted
the enery of moving particles in a substance (also called heat energy) thermal energy
the material, or stuff, that everything is made of matter
a form of energy produced by vibrating objects sound
when one or more substances change into one or more new substances with different properties than the original substances. Baking soda and vinegar make a chemical change. chemical change
any material that allows an electric current to pass through it easily conductor of electricity
the temperature at which a substance changes from a liquid to a gas boiling point
to change from a liquid to a solid when temperature drops freeze
a measure of the pull of gravity on an object weight
the amount of space that an object or substance takes up volume
the amount of matter in an object or substance mass
to draw objects nearer (the pull of a magnet) attracted
the ability of a mineral to resist being scratched hardness
a quality or attribute, especially one that serves to define or describe something physical properties
not changing; stable; not moving stationary
the temperature at which a substance changes from a liquid to a solid freezing point
to allow substances to pass through (like water going through a sponge) permeable
the process by which moisture in the air changes to liquid or solid form (rain, clouds, or snowflakes) condensation
when a substance changes from a solid to a liquid melting
energy of motion kinetic energy
the ability to do work energy
a form of energy that travels in waves and can move through empty space where there is no air light energy
to prevent or reduce the passage of heat, electricity, or sound into, from, or through something insulate
energy from the sun solar energy
a combination of two or more substances that do not form a new substance mixture
when a liquid is so hot that it changes to a gas boiling
a mixture with one substance spread out so evenly in another substance that you cannot tell the two substances apart solution
a curved piece of clear glass, or plastic that bends light rays lens
a form or energy that is felt as temperature heat energy
Created by: Mr.Rod