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A&P CH19 word parts

A&P CH19 Reproductive Systems

andr- (man) androgens: male sex hormones
ejacul- (to shoot forth) ejaculation: process of expelling semsn from the male reproductive tract
fimb- (fringe) fimbriae: irregular extensions on the margin of the infundibulum of the uterine tube
follic- (small bag) follicle: ovarian structure that contains an egg
genesis- (origin) spermatogenesis: process by which sperm cells are formed
germ- (to bud or sprout) germinal epithelium: tissue that gives rise to sex cells by special cell division
labi- (lip) labia minora: flattened, longitudinal folds that extend along the margins of the female vestibule
mens- (month) menstrual cycle: monthly female reproductive cycle
mons- (an eminence) mons pubis: rounded elevation overlying the pubic symphysis in a female
puber- (adult) puberty: time when a person becomes able to reproduce