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Vocab words

bio life
auto self
syn/sym same
domin to lead
mono one, single
du two
bi two
pent five
dec ten
cent one-hundred
struc to build
frag/frac to break
vis/vid to see or look
spec to see or watch
man(u) hand
ped/pod foot
mitt/miss to send
chron/temp relating to time
mob/mot move
carn/corp flesh, body
port to carry
cept to receive
cred to believe
un, im, in, il, ir not
ex out
pre before
post after
trans across
circum around
dis away from, opposite
contr/ant(i) against
bene good
mal bad, evil
Theme message or meaning
Retribution payback or punishment
Adulation praise
Gallantry a member of the elite, special people, like royalty
Junket a quick trip , like an errand
Tranquil peaceful
Errant random ----off topic ----out of time
Prowess courage and skill(emphasis on skill)
Dignitaries important people, people with dignity
Minutiae tiny little details of lifeā€¦ trivial details magazine, insignificant details MIN- oo--SH
Raucous raw cuss (noun, adj.) out of control, mischievous, chaos, out of control situation
Enamored deeply in love with, infatuated
Convulsions small seizures, mini violent motions
Pilgrimage a spiritual journey, a lengthy journey
penchant a strong desire or wish to accomplish something
Semblance appearance, likeness
Disfigurement misshapen, deformed, in appearance
Cumbersome bulky or heavy
Spasm sudden movement of muscles
Pallid pale or lacking color
Faltering to move unsteadily, stumble, stagger
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