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Exam 1

An 81 year old female patient comes in and while you're performing your head to toe assessment your patient states that they have been seeing halos and during your eye exam you realize the red reflex is missing . What do you suspect? Cataracts
What is the difference between Cataracts and ARMD? ARMD cause a loss of central vision and cataracts cause blurred vision and halos around objects.
How are cataracts treated? Cataracts are removed surgically and there is a chance that they can return.
This type of ocular degenerative disease is least common characterized by loss of central vision and can lead to TOTAL vision loss within 2 years. Wet Age Related Macular Degeneration .
What are some imperative patient teachings to ensure a persons eye health? Use assistive devices when necessary such as glasses. Annual eye exams for a patient with comorbidity's and eyes exams every two years for healthy individuals.
What is a common cosmetic change you see in and elderly persons eyes upon physical examination? Lose skin surround the eyes.
This change occurs inside the eye and leads to the inability to drive at night. Slow pupil accommodation.
What is an important lifestyle change associated with dry ARMD? It is important to teach the patient to incorporate dark leafy green vegetables and fruit in to their diet.
This is the most common for of sensorineural hearing loss and is categorized by progressive hearing loss that affects both ears equally? Presbycusis
This is a form of sensorineural loss caused by continuous loud noises like working in a factory for a long period of time. Noise Induced hearing loss
Created by: KimeleS