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Caesar Phrases 2

Beginning Latin

Honoris causa out of respect for
In eos fidem under his protection
Consilium capere form/adopt a plan
Mutata sententia having changed one's mind
Huc accedebant in addition to these, there were...
Ad nutum at a nod
Solis occasus sunset, the west
Omnibus in partibus in all directions; on all sides
Una ex parte on one side
Fidem facere to give a pledge; convince
Maxime quod chiefly because
In praesentia for the present
Per se of one's self
Aes alienum debt (lit. another's money)
Sua sponte of one's own accord, voluntarily
Id mihi it appears to me
Neque saepe accidet it doesn't often happen that...
Ob eam causam/rem for this reason, therefore
Paulo supra hanc memoriam a little before our time
Cordi esse to be dear (to the heart)
Ex usu of advantage, of service
Brevi tempore briefly, quickly, soon
Incepto in the beginning
Eo tempore at this time
Vi by force
Sub vesperum toward evening
Postero die mane on the next day in the morning
Profecti sunt they set out
Somno oppressus overcome by sleep
e somno excitatus awoken from sleep
Se recipere to recover
Se conferre to make one's way
Hoc conatu from this attempt
Unde/e quibus from which
Tali modo in this way
ingentis magnitudinis of great size
usque ad up to, till
Simul atque as soon as
Created by: Hamilcar



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