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LA2 - C4 Review

Latin Alive 2 - Chapter 4 Review Vocabulary

agricola, -ae, m. farmer
ambulō (1) to walk
auctoritās, -tātis, f. authority
carrus, -ī, m. chariot
cīvilis, -e civil
cōnsūmō, -sūmere, -sūmpsī, -sūmptum to consume
cornū, cornūs, n. horn (of an animal); wing (of an army)
domus, -ūs, f. house
dōnum, -ī, n. gift
fidēs, fideī, f. faith, trust
frāter, frātris, m. brother
frūmentum, -ī, n. grain
gaudium, -ī, n. joy
habeō, habēre, habuī, habitum to have, hold; consider
honor, honōris, m. honor
lēx, lēgis, f. law
lūdus, -ī, m. school; game
manus, -ūs, f. hand
optō (1) to wish, want
ōrnō (1) to decorate
portō (1) to carry
possum, posse, potuī to be able, can
prīnceps, prīncipis chief, foremost
reddō, reddere, reddidī, redditum to give back, return
rēs pūblica, reī pūblicae, f. republic, government
sacer, sacra, sacrum holy, sacred
scrībō, scrībere, scrīpsī, scriptum to write
semper always
senatus, -ūs, m. senate
spēs, speī, f. hope
terra, -ae, f. land, earth
triumphus, -ī, m. triumphal celebration
urbs, urbis, f. city
vincō, vincere, vīcī, victum to conquer, win
vocō (1) to call
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