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Cell Organ/Struct

The Cell Organelles and Structures

Cytoplasm A jelly-like fluid (water, salts, dissolved organic compounds) between the nucleus and the cell membrane that contains the organelles.
Organelles Internal cell structures that have a specific structure and function.
Nucleoplasm Fluid in the nucleus.
Cell Membrane (Plasma Membrane) Outer covering that helps regulate materials coming into the cell and waste materials going out, holds the contents of the cell in place.
Lipid Bilayer The lipid bilayer is a thin polar membrane made of two layers of lipid molecules, these membranes are flat sheets that form a continuous barrier around all cells.
Cell Wall Structure protecting and surrounding the cell membrane of the plant cell, it helps maintain shape and is super permeable.
Centrioles Protein fibers that aid in cell division, helps move chromosomes.
Centrioles are only found in... Animal Cells.
Chloroplast The food factories of the plant cell that contains chlorophyll and carries out photo synthesis.
Chloroplasts are only found in... Plant Cells.
Chromatin Loosely coiled DNA and associated proteins, a source of genetic information.
Chromosomes Found in the nucleus in eukaryotic cells, a source of genetic information.
Cilia Tiny hairs that work together to move a cell, it is not found on all cells.
Cilia are found... Sometimes on animals cells, and never on plant cells.
Cytoskeleton An internal framework of the cell, it maintains shape, anchors organelles, and helps organelles and cells move.
Cytoplasm A jelly-like substance (made of mostly water) between the nucleus and the cell membrane. It allows materials to be transported quickly between the structures in the cell.
Flagellum A whip like tail for movement, found on sperm cells.
Flagellum are found... Sometimes on animals cells, and never on plant cells.
Golgi Body Membranous sacs, resembles a stack of flattened pancakes or balloons, receives vesicles from the ER. It collects sorts, packages and distributes proteins and lipids being the "post office" of the cell, the modified vesicles then bud from the Golgi.
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