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latin test 2 vocab

remordet gnaw, trouble
contundet bruise, crush (contundo)
explebit fill out, fulfill (expleo)
regnabitur it will be reigned
"regina sacerdos Ilia" queen Trojan priestess aka Rhea Silva
donec while
excipiet inherited
metas goal, limit
placitum it is pleased
aetas age, time
lustris labentibus with the years gliding by
secura free from care
votis prayer
mitescent become mild
saecula generation
aspera harsh
fremet rage, roar
pateant open, extend
hospitio Teucris double fucking dativ. in hospitality for the fucking trojans
arceret defends
remigo alarum rowing wings
volente deo ablative absolute. witht he gods willing
occulit hide
graditur goes
praevertitur outstrip, surpass
venatrix huntress
Created by: kevin_525_li