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Bass low male singing voice
Basso continue a type of Baroque accompaniment in which one or more instruments play the bass line.
Bianzhong a set of 65 ancient Chinese bells that dated back to 433 B.C. The bianzhong is the heaviest musical instrument and has been described as the "Eighth Wonder of the Ancient World."
Break Strain a short introduction to the third section of a march, which is called the trio.
Buccina an ancient Roman trumpet like brass instrument that could play only a few pitches. It was used mostly for herding and military signals.
Cadence the chords at the end of a phrase that imply the completion of a musical thought.
Cantata music for voices and instruemnts in several movements.
Chamber orchestra a few musicians who play in a room or small hall.
Choir a large group of singers associated with the church. The voices include Soprano, alto, tenor and bass.
Chorale a slow and stately hymn tune sung in church. It's melodies are simple, with mostly stepwise movement, a limited rge and simple rhythm
Chorus a large group of singers not associated with the church.
Chulos part of the matador's quadrille for a bullfight.
Chromatic related to the scale that contains all the white and black notes on the piano.
Coda ending of a piece of music.
Colla voce with the voice; follow the rhythm of the voice.
Con islancio with impetuousness
Con moto brisk or lively, with movement.
Concert Band a large goup of 20-60 musicians who play inistruments from the woodwind, brass and percussion families. May also be called a wind band, wind ensemble, wind orgestra, symphonic band, symphonic winds, or symphonic wind ensemble.
Crescendo gradually becoming louder.
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