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Tech Ed safety Ampo

1) When using electrical equipment, you must always stand On a dry floor
2) While in the technology Lab, you should Follow all safety rules
3) In the Technology Lab, you should stay away from Any area you are not working in
4) To dress correctly for the Technology Lab, you should Remove neckties, scarves, and jewelry
5) Report any safety violations or unsafe working conditions to Your instructor
6) Before you can use any equipment, you must Ask your instructor, be trained, read safety instructions
7) if you see a fire, you should Use the proper fire extinguisher to put the fire out
8) When is it safe to lean on machines? NEVER!!
9) At the end of the class period, you should Put tools and materials in their proper storage areas
10) When can you operate a piece of equipment with another student at the same time? To start or stop a machine in an emergency
11) When should you practice correct safety procedures? Always
12) It is okay to throw: None of the above
13) When are you allowed to run in the Technology Lab? Never
14) Which type of fire extinguisher would you use on an electrical fire? Class C
15) What statement is true about protective equipment? Do not rely only on protective equipment to keep you safe
16) Use a tool or piece of equipment only when: An instructor is watching you
17) What should you do if do not have the right kind of fire extinguisher for the fire you are trying to put out? Call for emergency help immediately
18) Hazardous materials should be stored: In approved safety containers
19) In which of the following activities would you be likely to wear chemical goggles? Spray painting
Created by: Keef_4