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Medical Terminology

The hypogastric region of the abdomen is located In the center above the pelvis
The sagittal plane divides the body into Right and left portions
The term proximal means Toward the point of attachment to the trunk
In a SOAP medical​ record, the​ patient's temperature and blood pressure are examples of which of the​ following? Objective information
Coryza is an example of? An acute illness.
Which quadrants contains the liver? RUQ
which body systems contains the spleen? Lymphatic
The plan portion of a SOAP medical record contains Information about lab or imaging procedures
Which of the following is not considered an appendage? a. Arm b. Trunk c. Legs d. Head b. Trunk
Which of the following term means "toward the side"? a. Lateral b. Inferior c. Medial d. Dorsal a. Lateral
The tern that means "study of disease" a. Chronic b. Pathology c. Coryza d. Prognosis Pathology
Homeostasis is best defined as a: Maintenance of internal stability
Which of the following major body regions contains the subdivision of known as the​ cranium? Head
Hypogastric region of the abdomen is located. In the center above the pelvis
Which of the following uses a radioactive substance during the​ examination? PET scan
The ventral cavity contains all of the following except: a. Colon b. Spinal cord c. Bladder d. Lungs b. Spinal cord.
A red rash on a patients abdomen is an example of a: a. Sign b. Prognosis c. Diagnosis d. Symptom a. Sign
Which of the following body systmes contains the gallbladder a. Cardiovascular b. Endocrine. c. Lymphatic d. Digestive d. Digestive
The term ventral refers to the: a. Direction toward the head b. Back side c. Front side d. Pelvis c. Front side
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