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nature and ruleoflaw

what is a law an enforcable rule or principle
Civil law -a dispute between 2 parties -cas brought by civilians -aim:to put ribght a matter/conpensate any victims/reach mutual agreement for future -defendand found liable or not liable -standard of proof:on balance of probability
criminal law -wrong punished by state -case brought by prosecution, usually the crown (Rv Woolin) aim: to punish wrongdoer -defendent found guilty (convicted) or not guilty (acquited) -standard of proof: beyond reasonable doubt
judicial precedents decision which has to be followed when a case has similar facts
statutes created by partiament, written
common law -non- written laws -developed over time
EU (no longer a=matter after brexit) -any laws created by EU we had to fit our laws with them on certain matters
rule of law 1. democracy- safeguards against dictatorship 2.equality- applied ewually and all people are subject to and accountable to the law 3.fairness- law must be fairly applied and enforced
key principles of law 1. no sanctiins- no one shall be sanctioned except in accordance of the law 2. equality- must be equality before law 3. fairness- must be fairness and clarity in law
procedural rules you have to abide by before and af
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