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Mr. C-Chapter 14-LHS

Carroll County-Mr. C-Chapter 14-Holt

Authority to protect and promote the safety, and health of the people Police power
Being tried more than once for the same criminal offense double jeopardy
Formal report that authorizes a trial Presentment
Protects people's right to due process of law fifth amendment
Government's duty to follow procedures set by law when carrying out government functions due process
Requires authorities to respect individuals' right to security fourth amendment
Reasonable grounds for a search warrant probable cause
Panel of citizens who decide if the government has enough evidence to try an accused person on formal charges grand jury
Permits police to enter a house or other private property to search for specific items search warrant
Laws that punishment people for actions that were legal when the actions were committed ex post facto laws
Prohibits tainted evidence from being introduced in court exclusionary rule
Court schedule docket
Moving a trial to a different location change of venue
Requires police to inform criminal suspects of their right to refuse to answer police questions Miranda Rule
Situation in which a judge decides a case without a jury's imput bench trial
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