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Holt-Chapter 13-LHS

Carroll County-Mr. C-Chapter 13

Required men to do military service draft (conscription)
Protects a person's right to have any religious beliefs he/she chooses free exercise clause
action intended to deliver a message symbolic speech
resident noncitizens aliens
using language that encourages a rebellion against lawful government sedition
fundamental individual freedoms and rights that are protected from government violation civil liberties
something sexually indecent and highly offensive obscenity
stopping a person from providing information or expressing an idea prior restraint
gives student religious organizations the same right as nonreligious student organizations to use public school facilities for gatherings equal access act
an act that provides assistance to an enemy of the USA in a time of war treason
standing or walking in front of property, often carrying signs that have messages picketing
prohibits the government from founding religions or favoring one religion more than another establishment clause
expression of bias against someone based on religion, gender, race, sexual orientation, or other characteristics hate speech
enable reporters to withhold the identity of their sources from state courts shield laws
visual presentation or written statement that defames a person's reputation and character libel
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