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Allied Health

Health terms

a- no, not without, away from negative.
-ac pertaining to
brady- slow
-poisesis formation, to make
-para to give birth
Per- exclusive, through
Pro- before, in and behalf of
Post after, behind
-ary pertaining to
mega- large, great
-metry to measure
sub- under, less, below
-Phoresis carrying, transmission
uni- one
dys- bad, difficult or painful
-logy study of
-spasm sudden involuntary contraction
-pathy disease, suffering, feeling or emotion
-plasty surgical repair
-phage a cell that destroys, eats, swallows
-graph a picture or record, machine for recording
retro behind, backward, back of
tri- three
an- no, not without
-desis surgical fixation or bone or joint, to bind, tie together
hyper excessive, increased
dipl- double
-scope instrument for visual examination
ecto- out , outside
mal- bad, poor, evil
multi- many, much
emesis vomiting
-glia glue like nervous tissue
endo in, within, inside
-oid like resembling
-opsia vision, view of
-iac- pertaining to
-tomy process of cutting
-ile capable of
clast break down
centesis surgical puncture to remove fluid
hemi- half
-itis inflammation
-rrhaphy surgical suturing
inter- between, among
tachy- fast, rapid
ex- out of, outside away from
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