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Water Quality

What is water quality? The chemical, physical, and biological components of water that are influenced by external and internal factors.
What percentage of water exists in the ocean? 96.5%
What percentage of water exists in the ground or as surface water? 1.7%
What strategies could be employed to cope with uneven water distribution? Resevoirs, ground water, or transport water
From North to South, name the AB river basins. Hay River, Peace River, Athabasca, Beaver, North SK, South SK, Milk River
From South to North, name the AB river basins. Milk River, South SK, North SK, Beaver, Athabasca, Peace, Hay
What are some implications of uneven water distribution? Urban Sprawl, Industrial activity, Agricultural activitiy
What are some major factors which influence water demand? Climate/season, community, standard of living, high water pressure.
How much water does AB have to leave for SK 50 percent
what are the categories of water use consumptive, non consumptive, nonwithdrawal
What are four major areas where farming began? Fertile Crescent, Nile, Indus, Yellow River
What is a qanat A shaft system which transports ground water
How did the Greeks filter their water? Filtered through sand, gravel, and charcoal
When did water start being piped in the US? 1901
When was Rossdale implemented? 1903
When was goldbar implemented? 1956
Who founded the microscope? Hans Janssen
Who found germs? Hooke
Who made the germ theory? Pasteur
Who deduced the London cholera epidemic? John Snow
What chemical reduces risk of water borne disease? Chlorine
When is the World Day for Water? March 22
When was the Water for Life Decade? 2005-2015
What were the primary water concerns before and after WWII? Sewage before, industry after
When was the decade of Environmental Awareness and what was one contribution? The 1960s/1970s Carson's Silent Spring, Based on egg thinning from DDT
What are some economic implications of pollution control? Regulation is cheaper than cleaning it up
What is the difference between an open and closed watershed? An open watershed goes all the way to the ocean. A closed water shed does not.
Are watersheds defined for surface water or ground water? Surface water
What is a continental basin? They are the large basins, in which all water flows toward a sea or ocean
What three continental basins exist in AB? Gulf of Mexico Hudson's Bay Arctic Ocean
What is the major continental basin in AB? Arctic Ocean
What is a major basin? Based off of rivers and tributeries
What AB basin is the only one not fed by glaciers? Beaver
What are some things that are affected by spatial location? Gradient, Water chemistry, Productivity, Species Diversity
Lake Order and Position What is the difference between a negative and positive position index? negative indicates that it is not a permanent outlet. Positive indicates it is a permanent outlet.
What is the connection between lake order and lake parameters? As lake order increases, so dos conductivity, nutrients, productivity, and biodiversity
What are three types of stream morphology? straight, meandering, braided
Which streams typically are straight? Mountain streams
What can cause meandering or braided morphology? A flat landscape.
What factors does stream flow influence? Morphology, substrate, oxygen, nutrients
What factor influences stream flow? Gravity or velocity
What type of stream order is most common? 1st
What Canadian territory is water scarce? Yukon
What common beverage uses 20 kL of water to make kg? Coffee
Created by: swilson67
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