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Irish Frasai Deasa

Irish Ms O Connor "Nice phrases"

I bpreab na súl In the blink of an eye
Ar ámhranaí an tsaoil As luck would have it
Bhí se gan mheabhair He was unconscious
Thit sí i laige She fainted
Gan a thuilleadh moille Without further delay
Go tobann Suddenly
Gan rabhadh Without warning
A thiarcais My goodness
Fóir orm Help
Bhí greim an duine bháite agam ar an gcaillín I held on tightly to the girl
Ní raibh duine ná deoraí le feiceáil There wasn't a soul to be seen
Bhí an áit chomh ciúin leis an uaigh The place was as quiet as a grave
Chuala mé torann aisteach I heard a strange noise
Chuir mé fhios ar na seirbhísí eigeandala I rang the emergency services
Ar nos na gaoithe As fast as the wind
Scread se in ard a chinn is a ghuta He screamed at the top of his voice
Ni raibh giog na miog as There wasn't a peep out of him
Ba bheag nar thit se i laige He almost fainted
Boladh deataigh A smell of smoke
Doite go talamh burnt to the ground
D'imigh se as radharc He went out of sight
Bhi an choisir faoi lanseol The party was in full swing
Chuaigh an choisir as smacht The party got out of control
Bhi na Gardai ag cuardach na haite The Gardai were searching the place
Bhi na comharsana ag gearan faoin torann The neighbors were complaining about the noise
Bhi mo tuismitheoiri le ceangal My parents were fit to be tied
Bhi an teach ina phraiseach The house was a mess
Bhi rira agus riaille buaille sa teach There was uproar in the house
Bhi me i dtriobloid I was in trouble
Nior tugadh cead dom aris I wasn't allowed again
Bh ime ag crith le heagle I was shaking with fear
Thit an lug ar an lag Things went from bad to worse
Tugadh go dti an tospideal e He was taken to te hospital
Bhi me sceimhlithe i mo bheatha I was scared
Bhi mo chroi i mo bheal My heart was in my mouth
Shil me go raibh mo phort seinnte I thought my tune was played
Bhu me in isle bri I was depressed
Chodial me go snamh oche sin I slept well thatnight
Ar aon ns Anyway
Thug me faoi deara go raibh I noticed that...
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