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bio 106

first exam

atomic number refers to numbers of protons and neutrons in an atom
what is an examplw of naked protein? a. a hydrogen ion b. an acid c. a base d. a hydroxyl ion A) hydrogen ion
nucleus of an atom has a. neutrons and protons. b. neutrons and electrons. c. protons and electrons. d. protons only. e. neutrons only nuetrons and protons
Sucrose is composed of Select one: a. two molecules of fructose. b. two molecules of glucose. c. a molecule of fructose and a molecule of glucose. d. a molecule of fructose and a molecule of galactose. e. a monosaccharide and a disaccharide c. molecule of fructose and glucose
Oxygen, with an atomic number of 8, has ____ electrons in the first energy level and ____ electrons in the second energy level. Select one: a. 1; 7 b. 2; 6 c. 3; 5 d. 4; 4 e. 5; 3 B) 2;6
Which of the following is NOT true of hydrogen bonds? Select one: a. They are quite weak. b. The hydrogen is slightly positive. c. They are common in macromolecules. d. They are difficult to form and break. e. They always involve hydrogen a) they ae weak
Plants store their excess carbohydrates in the form of Select one: a. starch. b. glycogen. c. glucose. d. cellulose a) starch
The most likely reason that glucose dissolves in water is that it is Select one: a. an ionic compound. b. a polysaccharide. c. a polar molecule d. a very unstable molecule. e. highly nonpolar. c) polar molecule
Which is the smallest unit of an element that retains the properties of the element? Select one: a. atom b. compound c. ion d. molecule e. mixture A) atom
The column of water extending in tubes from plant roots to leaves is maintained by Select one: a. cohesion among water molecules. b. ionic bonds. c. covalent bonds. d. hydrophobic interactions. e. hydrophilic interactions a) cohension amoung water molecules
The atomic mass of an atom is determined by the combined masses of its Select one: a. neutrons and protons. b. neutrons and electrons. c. protons and electrons. d. protons, neutrons, and electrons. e. neutrons, nucleus, and electrons a) nuetrns an protons
Cholesterol is Select one: a. synthesized in the large intestine. b. remodeled into vitamin A. c. used in the construction of cell membranes. d. a component of plant cell walls. e. all of these c) used in construction of cell membrain
The dots in the figure represent a Select one: a. covalent bond. b. ionic bond. c. hydrogen bond. d. polar covalent bond. e. hydrophobic interaction c) hydrogen bond ( dotted line )
In ____ bonds, both atoms exert the same pull on shared electrons. Select one: a. nonpolar covalent b. polar covalent c. double covalent d. triple covalent e. coordinate covalent a) nonpolar covalent
A single carbon atom may form as many as ____ covalent bonds with other atoms. Select one: a. 2 b. 3 c. 4 d. 5 e. 6 c) 4
Which of the following is TRUE of water? Select one: a. The oxygen end is slightly electropositive. b. Hydrogen bonds hold water molecules together. c. Water covers about one-half of the earth's surface. b) hydrogen bons hold water togther
The solvent, cohesive, and temperature stabilization properties of water are due to its Select one: a. ability to promote hydrophilic interactions. b. ionic bonds. c. hydrogen bonds. d. ability to promote hydrophobic interactions. c) hydrogen bonds
An atom that gains or loses electrons becomes Select one: a. more stable. b. an ion. c. a molecule. d. unable to form bonds. e. radioactive. b) an ion
The figure below illustrates a Select one: a. FAD coenzyme. b. Steroid c. Fat d. ATP molecule. e. Nucleotide e) nucleotide ( pool house dog house )
Which of the following are lipids? Select one: a. sterols b. triglycerides c. oils d. waxes e. all of these e) all of these
Which of these components of a tossed salad will pass through the human digestive tract with the least digestion? Select one: a. sugar (in the dressing) b. oil (lipid) c. starch (in the croutons) d. cellulose (lettuce leaves) d) cellulose
Four of the five answers listed below are acidic (pH below 7). Select the exception. Select one: a. vinegar b. soft drink c. soap d. lemon juice e. beer c) soap
A macromolecule is composed of smallerĀ  numerous repeating subunits called Select one: a. polymers. b. isomers. c. monomers. d. isotopes. e. dimers. c) monomers
Which of the following is FALSE concerning the atom in the figure? Select one: a. The first energy level is full. b. It has 2 electrons. c. It is electrically neutral. d. It has an atomic number of 2. e. It is highly reactive e) it is highly reactive
Created by: mdelaune1
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