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68WM6 A&P6 Urinary

68WM6 A&P6 - Urinary System

This is the lack of urine. Anuria
A stone, usually composed of mineral salts. Calculus
The hollow, lighted instrument used for visual examination of the urinary bladder. Cystoscope
This is the increased production of urine. Diuresis
This is painful urination. Dysuria
This is when you have blood in your urine. Hematuria
These organs remove substances from the blood, form urine, and help regulate various metabolic functions. Kidneys
This is another word for micturation. Urination
This is the functional unit of the kidney. Nephron
This is the presence of urine contents in the blood. Uremia
Tubular structures that transport urine away from the kidney to the bladder. Ureters
This serves as a urine reservoir. Urinary Bladder
Tubular structures that transport urine away from the bladder out of the body. Urethra
This hormone regulates RBC growth in kidneys. Erythopoietin
This kidney is slightly lower than the other one. Right Kidney
This is the outer reddish area of tissue which forms a shell around the medulla. Cortex
The inner region located between the renal pelvis and the outer cortex. Medulla
These are coneshaped structures located in the Medulla. Renal Pyramids
This is the hollow chamber within the kidney formed on the concave, medial side. Renal Sinus
This section of the kidney collects urine. Renal Pelvis
This is the point of the pyramids. Renal Papillae
This is the initial site of urine production. Renal Corpuscle
This is the only place in the body where blood flows from a capillary to an artery. Glomerus
This is where filtration in the kidneys take place;tightly coiled capillary network surrounded by the glomerular capsule. Glomerulus
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