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Surgical Care

Chap 17 med-serg

Purpose of Diagnostic Surgery removal and study of tissue to make an accurate diagnosis
Purpose of Exploratory Surgery opening a body cavity to diagnose and determine the extent of a disease process
purpose of curative surgery removed tissue or to correct defects
what is ablation removal of tissue
purpose of palliative surgery relieves symptoms or improves function without correcting the basic problem
what is the purpose of cosmetic surgery corrects serious defects that affect appearance; often the patient wants to change a physical feature
what is the purpose of elective surgery voluntary or planned procedure performed at convenience of patient and/or surgical team
how is laser surgery performed light amplification by the stimulated emission of radiation, the light beam is converted to heat as tissue absorbs it
how is fiberoptic surgery performed allows the use of endoscopes with hit-resolution video cameras through a very small incision
how is robotic surgery performed the robot is operated from a nearby computer while the surgeon views magnified three-dimensional images of the surgical field on the computer's screen
greatest benefit from robotic surgery decreases healing time & post-op pain
term Lysis
term anastomosis joining together of two parts
term -ectomy surgical excision (cutting off)
term -oma tumor
term -ostomy opening
term -otomy cutting into with out taking out
term -plasty repair
term -pexy fixation or anchoring into place
informed consent is obtained by the surgeon after patient is informed and agrees to procedure, patient must be fully alert and aware it must be signed before any pre-op meds are given
food and fluid are restricted prior to surgery/anesthesia to prevent perioperative aspiration of food/fluid from stomach during/after surgery/anesthesia
Drug to treat opioid OD? narcan/naloxone
What happens if you give naloxone too quickly? Will cause seizures
What class is narcan? Opioid antagonist
Versed/midazolam? Benzodiazepine, treats anxiety, pre-op sedative (pre anesthesia anzyltic)
Narcotic analgesic for pain & post-op shivering (opioid) Meperidine/demerol
Anticholinergic, used in pre-op phase to decrease salivary secretions & increase heart rate Atropine
Increase gastric emptying ; antiemetic Metoclopramide/reglan
Local anesthetic, numbs area Sensorcaine/bupivacaine
IV agent for general anesthesia? Sublimaze (narcotic agonist analgesic)
Skeletal muscle relaxant used as an adjunct to general anesthesia & for intubation of pt? Anectine
Skeletal muscle relaxant used for procedures lasting longer than 1 hour? Pavulon
Skeletal muscle relaxant reversal used to prevent/treat post-op bladder distention? Prostigmine
Local anesthetic used for nerve block? Sensorcrain
Local anesthetic used for spinal anesthesia & peripheral nerve block? Novocain
Used to dry respiratory & mouth secretions pre-operatively? Atropine
Used as a sedative, anti-anxiety, skeletal muscle relaxant, & anticonvulsant pre-operatively? Diazepam
Used as a sedative pre and post-op? Lorazepam
Used as an induction agent, short acting CNS depressant, causes amnesia used pre-op for sedation & conscious sedation? Midazolam
Used as a hypnotic the night before surgery & for sleep after that? Temazepam
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