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Spailpín Fánach SFC

An Spailpín Fánach

Wandering labourer spailpín fánach
travelling ag taisteal
around the country timpeall na tire
looking for work ag lorg oibre
the English na Sasanaigh
in power i gcumhacht
in Ireland in Éireann
at the time ag an am
a hard life saol crua
very poor beo bocht
getting sick ag éirí tinn
often go minic
getting up early ag éirí go luath
walking ag siúil
diseases galair
they worked d'oibirgh said
hard go dian
they wanted ba mhaith leo
fight troid
against the English i gcoinne na Sasanaigh
to get freedom chun saoirse a fháil
respect meas
anybody éinne
the hiring market an margadh hireála
rich farmers feirmeoirí saibhre
looking down on them ag féachaint anuas orthu
job post
cutting grass ag gearradh féir
sick and tired tinn tuirseach
a better life saol níos fear
thin tanaí
sickly appearance cuma tinn
farm worker oibrí feirme
farm tools uirlisí feirme
complaining ag gearán
shame náire
he mentions luann sé
different towns bailte difriúla
proud bródúil
the best worker an oibrí is fearr
Created by: Ms O' C