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An Gadaí SFC

na heochairfhocail

Antaine and his two friends were chatting one day Bhí Antaine agus a bheirt chara ag caint lá amháin
They wanted to see the bees in the Headmaster's garden Bhí said ag iarradh na beaca a fheiceáil i ngairdín an Mháistir
Antaine sat on the fence watching out for the Headmaster coming home Shuigh Antaine at an sconsa ag faire amach don Mháistir ag teacht abhaile
The other boys went into the garden Chuaigh na buachaillí eile isteach sa ghairdín
Antaine saw a doll's house under the rose tree Chonaic Antaine teach bábóige faoin gcrann rós
There was a doll there too Bhí bábóg ann freisin
Antaine thought of his sister, Eibhlín Smaoinigh Antaine faoina dheirfiúr Eibhlín
Eibhlín was sick in bed for three months Bhí Eibhlín tinn sa leaba ar feadh trí mhí
The doll belonged to Neans, the Headmaster's daughter Bhí le Neans, iníon an Mháistir, í an bhábóg
Antaine stole the doll Ghoid Antaine an bhábóg
He gave the doll to Eiblín Thug sé an bhábóg d'Eibhlín
He said that Neans gave her the doll as a present Dúirt sé gur thug Neans an bhábóg di mar bhronntanas
Eibhlín improved immediately Tháinig biseach ar Eibhlín go díreach
Antaine saw colour in her cheeks and light in her eyes Chonaic Antaine dath ina leicne agus solas ina súile
Antaine was very happy Bhí áthas an domhain ar Antaine
Antaine Mother started crying with happiness Thosaigh Máthair Antaine ag caoineadh le háthas
But Antaine started suffering Ach thosaigh Antaine ag fulaingt
He felt guilty and ashamed Mhothaigh sé ciontach agus náireach
He had nightmares Bhí tromluí agie
He imagined that people were talking about him and calling him a thief Shamhlaigh sé go raibh daoine ag caint faoi agus ag glaoch gadaí air
But Eibhlín had improved Ach tháinig biseach ar Eibhlín
So, he did not care Mar sin, ba chuma leis
One day, Neans and her Mother came to the house Lá amháin tháinig Neans agus a Mam chuig an teach
They were visiting Eibhlín Bhí said ag tabhairt cuairt ar Eibhlín
Neans saw the doll Chonaic Neans an bhábóg
She thanked Neans for the doll Ghabh sí buíochas de Neans don bhábóg
Antaine was sweating with the fear and worry Bhí Antaine ag cur allais leis an eagla agus imní
But Neans did not tell on him Ach níor sceith Neans air
She was very kind and understanding Bhí sí an-chineálta agus tuisceanach
She gave Eibhlín the doll's house too Thug sé an teach bábóige chuig Eibhlín freisin
Antaine was very grateful to her Bhí Antaine an-bhuíoch di
He gave her a present every weekend after that Thug sé bronntanas di gach deireadh seachtaine tar éis sin
Love is the strongest theme/emotion in this story Is é grá an téama/mothúchán is láidre sa scéal seo
Created by: Ms O' C



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