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4th- Sci Unit 8 1-?

4th Grade Science Unit 8 Questions

When liquid wax takes the shape of a mold as it cools it is doing what? Freezing
When snow changes into water and drips off of a roof it is doing what? Melting
When water disappears from a street puddle it is doing what? Evaporating
What are some ways you can make a physical change to a piece of paper? Soaking it, shredding it, folding it
What are some ways you can make a physical change to a piece of string? Perfume, sew with it, tie it.
What happens with ice cream is removed from a freezer? It heats up and melts turning from a solid to a liquid.
When solid wax is heated and it turns into a liquid what is happening? Heat energy is added and it causes melting
What is lemonade? A solution
What is the solvent in Lemonade? Water
What are the solutes in Lemonade? Lemon juice and sugar
A student adds 10 g of sand, sugar, and salt to 50 mL of water. Did he make a solution? The sand will not dissolve so sand and water make a mixture, not a solution.
A chemical property of iron is its ability to _____? Rust
Mrs. Koester gives your two beakers of water, some table salt, and some pepper. She tells you to use these to make one mixture and one solution. Describe what you do. I would put the salt in one beaker to make a solution and the pepper in the other beaker to make a mixture.
Created by: carudolph