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Vocabulary List


jeopardize to expose to loss or injury; to risk
labyrinth a bewildering maze; any confusing or complicated situation
magnanimous generous in forgiving, above small meannesses
nadir the lowest point; time of greatest depression
obliterate to erase or blot out; to render imerceptible
abstruse obscure; profound; difficult to understand
belligerent given to fighting, warlike; (n) one at war, one engaged in war
candor outspokenness; frankness
decorum proper behavior, good taste; orderliness
effrontery shameless boldness, impudence
facet a phase or aspect, as of a topic; one of the small plane surfaces of a diamont
gaudy ostentatiously fine; showy; now esp. tastelessly fine
harass to disturb, worry: to trouble by repeated attacks
imminent about to happen, threatening
jurisdiction the legal right to hear and determine a cause; area of authority
ignominious marked with or full of disgrace; quality or conduct deserving disgrace, shameful; disgraceful
iconoclast one who attacks or seeks to overthrow popular or traditional belief, ideas, or institutions; an opponent of religious use of images
hamper obstruct
gamut an entire range or series
fabricate to make, manufacture; to make up, invent
eclectic selective in choosing from a variety of sources
edifice a building, a structure, a large or massive building
debutante young woman who has just made her formal entrance into society
debilitate to make weak or feeble
callous emotionally hardened, unfeeling
cacophony harsh-sounding, discordant
belie contradict, give a false impression
bedlam a state or scene of uproar or confusion
absurd contrary to reason, obviously inconsistent with truth or common sense
abortive failing to accomplish an intended aim or purpose; only partially or imperfectly developed
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