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Dynamicsa and Expressive Techniques

dolce sweetly
Forte Piano - fp played strongly and immediately made softer
Pianissimo - pp Very soft
Piano - p Soft
Mezzo Piano - mp moderately soft
Mezzo Forte - mf moderately loud or moderately strong
Forte - f strong or loud
Fortissimo -ff very loud or very strong
Crescendo - cresc. gradually getting louder
Decrescendo - decresc. gradually getting softer. Has the same meaning as diminuendo - dim.
Diminuendo - dim. gradually getting softer. Has the same meaning as Decrescendo - decresc.
Arco With the bow - Strings
Bend Sliding around the pitch - Vocal + others
Brushes (Wire) Playing the drums with wire brushes rather than sticks - Percussion
Chorus Chorus adds a swirling property to a sound that it is applied to, thickening the sound - Electronic
Distortion Distortion is a deformation of sound making harss sounding
Drum Roll Rapidly alternating the 2 drum sticks/mallets - Drums
Falsetto Male voice singing higher than ‘usual’ - Male Vocal
Fret Noises The sound made from running the fingers across the guitar strings usually - Guitar
Laughing Laughing - Vocal
Melisma Singing a syllable from a word over many notes - Vocal
Mute An object placed in the bell of an instrument to change the sound of the instrument.
Pizzicato Plucked with the fingers or object - Strings
Reverb A sound is produced and an echo effect is used either naturally or electronically.
Rim Shot Hitting the metal edge of the snare drum - Snare Drum
Scat Imitating an instrument by singing short nonsense syllables in a fast improvised way. It often sounds like it is imitating the jazz trumpet or sax - Vocal
Screaming / Shouting Screaming / Shouting
Slap Hit the strings often with thumb - Bass Guitar
Staccato Notes that are short and detached - All
Created by: david.ivinson