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Ryan Ch. 2

Ryan Ch. 2 Cell Structure and Function

diffusion process that spreads substances through a gas or liquid
non-infectious disease disease caused by malfunction of an organ system
chloroplast organelle that makes food from sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide
musculoskeletal system organ system that supports the body and enables movement
immune system organ system that fights disease and foreign agents
organ two or more types of tissue that work together to perform a function
circulatory system organ group that carries oxygen and removes wastes from the body
nervous system organ system that controls movement and other organs
infectious disease disease caused by harmful organisms or viruses
tissue group of cells with a common structure and function
osmosis type of diffusion that allows water to pass but not the solutes
cytoplasm gel-like substance that surrounds the internal parts of the cell
nucleus directs cell activities and carries genetic information
hormones chemicals that carry information to certain cells
organelle structure that has a specific job within the cell
complex organisms need more cells, energy, and organ systems to maintain life
special proteins produced by the immune system to fight viruses antibodies
brain controlls all other organ systems
a sugar plants produce through photosynthesis glucose
photosynthesis process plants go through to make food
mitochondria perform respiration in both plant and animal cells
cell division allows organisms to grow and replace old cells
skin bodies largest organ
respiration glucose combines with oxygen to produce CO2 and H2O. Takes place in the mitochondria and is the opposite of photosynthesis
specialized cells specific structures in a cell that perform specific tasks
endocrine system makes and sends out hormones
urinary system removes liquid wastes
Created by: jryan