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scientific method1.2

scientific method logical approaches to scientific research
What is the order of the scientific method 1.state the problem 2.gather information 3.form a hypothesis 4. test hypothesis 5.state a conclusioon
observation using the senses
dinosaurs dominated the earth for ________ years 135 million
dinosaurs became extinct _____ years ago 65 million
measurement involves the comparision of some aspect of an object
accuracy is in ________ measurements scientific
scientist study _____________ that date back to the dinosaur disaperance rock layers
scientist discovered that in certain locations the rocks that dated back to 65 million years ago contained ________ iridium
iridium a substance that is uncommon in earth rocks but common in meteors
hypothesis a possible explanation or solution to the problem
a hypothesis is based on _____________ facts gathered
dinosaur hypothesis states that about 65 million years ago a giant meteorite hit the earth impact caused raised enough dust to cover sun's rays
experimentation a scientific procedejure carried out by certain guide lines
variable a factor in an experiment that can be changed
controlled experiment an experiment set up to test a variable
compared model simulating certain conditions
scientist determined that a meteor ____ meters in diameter couled suffiecently lower the earth's temperature 10
how many miles wide is 10 inces in diameter? 6 miles
tektills natural glass formed by phenominal heat
what are the other possible causes for dinosaur extinction A.volcano b. supernova c.flood d.caterpillarse.climate change
hypothesis will be ______,_____,or ________ accepted, altered, or discarded
meteoriote hypothesis impact hypothesis not proved
Gaia greek godess mother of earth
Earth has supported life __________ 4 billion years
gaia means earth
homeostasis the state of balance that the boy maintains
pan means all
pangea means all earth
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