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Infectious Diseases

Medical-Surgical Nursing

What can often occur after a strep infection? Scarlet fever
What is a concern with hand, foot, and mouth disease? Febrile convulsions
Where do aphthous ulcers occur? Inside the mouth; usually viral in origin
What drug is used to treat pinworms? Albendazole (Albenza)
What drug is used to treat giardiasis (protozoal infection)? Flagyl
What is erythema infectiosum? Fifth disease
What is the agent of erythema infectiosum? Human parvovirus
What is the manifestation of erythema infectiosum? Rash in 3 stages; "Slapped face"
What is the agent of roseola? Human herpes virus type 6
What are S/S of roseola? Persistent high fever for 3-4 days, then a rash starting on the trunk
What is associated with measles? Koplik spots on buccal mucosa
What is the agent of mumps? Paramyxovirus
Can a pregnant woman get the rubella vaccine? No
What is a major reproductive concern as a long term complication associated with mumps? Male sterility
What are the teratogenic affects of rubella (German measles)? Congenital heart disease and congenital cataracts
What disease causes a white strawberry tongue? Scarlet fever
Should you throw a toothbrush away after a strep infection? Yes
What skin infection oozes honeycomb material? Impetigo contagiosa
What does herpes zoster have an affinity for? The root ganglia and posterior horn of the spinal cord
What remedies help alleviate the S/S of chickenpox? Oatmeal baths and Benadryl
Can steroids make fungal infections worse? Yes
What organ is most affected by systemic mycotic infections? Lungs
What antifungal is used to treat tinea capitis? Grisofulvin PO
What is the most common tick-borne disorder in the US? Lyme disease
What is erythema migrans associated with? Lyme disease
What effect can the Zika virus have on a fetus? Neural tube defects
What is the ONLY indication of aspirin in children under the age of 12? Kawasaki syndrome
Why is aspirin contraindicated in children under the age of 12? It poses a risk for Reye's syndrome
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