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Pharm Ch. 1,3,6,7,8

Allergic Reaction Patient sensitivity to a medication because of an immune response
Physical dependence Patient's body adapts to medication to medication and will experience physical withdrawals without it
Anaphylactic reaction Life threatening response characterized by bronchospasm, laryngeal edema, and drop in BP
Toxicity Adverse drug reaction caused by excessive dosing
Side effect An expected but unpleasant effect that occurs in addition to the desired effects of a drug
Iatrogenic effect When a drug causes symptoms of a medical condition
Teratogenic effect When a medication has an effect that causes harm to the fetus of a pregnant patient
Carcinogenic effect The ability of certain meds and environmental chemicals to cause cancer
Idiosyncratic effect An uncommon response to a drug by a patient, often related to a genetic predisposition
Paradoxical effect When a patient has the opposite response to a drug from what is expected
Additive effect Two drugs have a combined effect. This may be positive or negative
Synergistic effect Two drugs have more of an effect combined than they would of each were given on their own
Adverse effect Annoying to potentially life threatening effects of a drug that may occur at normal doses
Antagonistic effect Two drugs combined decrease the effects of each other
Important determinants of drug response? Dosage, route, time
Boxed warnings Strongest safety warning a drug can carry and still remain on the market
Medication guides Patient education documents about medications
Fatal medication errors Overdose, wrong route, and wrong drug All of these are due to human factors - performance/knowledge deficits , communication mistakes, drug name confusion
Ways to reduce medication errors? Communication, documentation, medication reconciliation, callback - read back, barcode scanning, support systems
Pharmacokinetics AMDE
3 properties of ideal drugs Effective, safety, selectivity
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