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Minnano Nihongo L04E

Minna no Nihongo I (L04 Vocab) Eng/Romanized Ver.

okimasu get up, wake up
nemasu sleep, go to bed
hatarakimasu work
yasumimasu take a rest, take a holiday
benkyō-shimasu study
owarimasu finish
depāto department store
ginkō bank
yūbinkyoku post office
toshokan library
bijutsukan art museum
ima now
-ji ~ o'clock
-fun (-pun) ~ minute
han half
nan-ji what time
nan-pun what minute
gozen a.m., morning
gogo p.m., afternoon
asa morning
hiru daytime, noon
ban night, evening
yoru night, evening
ototoi the day before yesterday
kinō yesterday
kyō today
ashita tomorrow
asatte the day after tomorrow
kesa this morning
konban this evening, tonight
yasumi rest, a holiday, a day off
hiruyasumi lunchtime
shiken examination, test
kaigi meeting, conference
eiga film, movie
maiasa every morning
maiban every night
mainichi every day
getsu-yōbi Monday
ka-yōbi Tuesday
sui-yōbi Wednesday
moku-yōbi Thursday
kin-yōbi Friday
do-yōbi Saturday
nichi-yōbi Sunday
nan-yōbi what day of the week
~ kara from〜
~ made up to ~, until ~
~ to ~ and (used to connect nouns)
Taihen desu ne. That's tough, isn't it? (used when expressing sympathy)
bangō number
nan-ban what number
sochira your place
Nyūyōku New York
Pekin Beijing
Rosanzerusu Los Angeles
Rondon London