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Minnano Nihongo L03E

Minna no Nihongo I (L03 Vocab) Eng/Romanized Ver.

koko here, this place
soko there, that place near you
asoko that place over there
doko where, what place
kochira this way, this place (polite equivalent of koko)
sochira that way, that place near you (polite equivalent of soko)
achira that way, that place over there (polite equivalent of asoko)
dochira which way, where (polite equivalent of doko)
kyōshitsu classroom
shokudō dining hall, canteen
jimusho office
kaigishitsu conference room, meeting room
uketsuke reception desk
robii lobby
heya room
toire toilet, rest room
otearai toilet, rest room
kaidan staircase
erebētā elevator, lift
esukarētā escalator
jidō-hanbaiki vending machine
denwa telephone handset, telephone call
[0-] kuni country
kaisha company
uchi home, house
kutsu shoes
nekutai necktie, tie
wain wine
uriba department, counter (in a department store)
chika basement
- kai (-gai) ~th floor
nan-gai what floor
-en ~yen
ikura how much
hyaku hundred
sen thousand
man ten thousand
Sumimasen. Excuse me.
Dōmo. Thank you.
Irasshaimase. Welcome. / May I help you? (a greeting to a customer or a guest entering a shop, etc.)
[~o] misete kudasai. Please show me [~]
ja well, then, in that case
[~o] kudasai. Give me [~], please.
Itaria Italy
Suisu Switzerland
Furansu France
Jakaruta Jakarta
Bankoku Bankok
Berurin Berlin