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Minnano Nihongo L03

Minna no Nihongo I (L03 Vocab)

ここ here, this place
そこ there, that place near you
あそこ that place over there
どこ where, what place
こちら this way, this place (polite exuivalent of ここ)
そちら that way, that place near you (polite equivalent of そこ)
あちら that way, that place over there (polite equivalent of あそこ)
どちら which way, where (polite equivalent of どこ)
きょうしつ classroom
しょくどう dining hall, canteen
じむしょ office
かいぎしつ conference room, meeting room
うけつけ reception desk
ロビー lobby
へや room
トイレ toilet, rest room
おてあらい toilet, rest room
かいだん staircase
エレベーター elevator, lift
エスカレーター escalator
じどうはんばいき vending machine
でんわ telephone handset, telephone call
[お]くに country
かいしゃ company
うち home, house
くつ shoes
ネクタイ necktie, tie
ワイン wine
うりば department, counter (in a department store)
ちか basement
~かい(がい) ~th floor
なんがい what floor
~えん ~yen
いくら how much
ひゃく hundred
せん thousand
まん ten thousand
すみません。 Excuse me.
どうも。 Thank you.
いらっしゃいませ。 Welcome. / May I help you? (a greeting to a customer or a guest entering a shop, etc.)
[~を]みせてください。 Please show me [~]
じゃ well, then, in that case
[~を]ください。 Give me [~], please.
イタリア Italy
スイス Switzerland
フランス France
ジャカルタ Jakarta
バンコク Bankok
ベルリン Berlin