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Minnano Nihongo L02E

Minna no Nihongo I (L02 Vocab) Eng/Romanized Ver.

kore this (thing here)
sore that (thing near the listener)
are that (thing over there)
kono ~ this ~, this ~ here
sono ~ that ~, that ~ near the listener
ano ~ that ~, that ~ over there
hon book
jisho dictionary
zasshi magazine
shinbun newspaper
nōto notebook
techō personal organiser
meishi business card
kādo (credit) card
enpitsu pencil
bōrupen ballpoint pen
shāpu-penshiru mechanical pencil
kagi key
tokei watch, clock
kasa umbrella
kaban bag, briefcase
CD CD, compact disc
terebi television
rajio radio
kamera camera
konpyūtā computer
kuruma car, vehicle
tsukue desk
isu chair
chokorēto chocolate
kōhii coffee
[o-]miyage souvenir, present
Eigo the English language
Nihongo the Japanese language
-go ~ language
nan what
anō Er...(used to show hesitation)
e Oh? What? (used when hearing something unexpected)
Dōzo Here you are. (used when offering someone something)
[Dōmo] arigatō [gozaimasu] Thank you [very much].
Sō desu ka. I see.
Chigaimasu. No, it isn't./You are wrong.
a Oh! (used when becoming aware of something)