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Minnano Nihongo L01E

Minna no Nihongo I (L01 Vocab) Eng/Romanized Ver.

watashi I
anata you
ano hito (ano kata) that person, he, she
-san Mr., Ms.
-chan (suffix added to a child's name)
-jin (suffix meaning 'a national of')
sensei teacher, instructor (not used when referring to one's own job)
kyōshi teacher, instructor
gakusei student
kaishain company employee
shain employee of ~ company
ginkōin bank employee
isha [medical] doctor
kenkyūsha researcher, scholar
daigaku university
byōin hospital
dare who
donata who (polite equivalent of "dare")
-sai - years old
nan-sai how old
o-ikutsu how old (polite equivalent of "nan-sai")
hai yes
iie no
Hajimemashite. How do you do?
~ kara kimashita. I'm from ~ (country).
[Dōzo] yoroshiku [onegai-shimasu] Pleased to meet you.
shitsurei desu ga Excuse me, but
O-namae wa? May I have a name?
Kochira wa -san desu. This is Mr./Ms. ~.
Amerika U.S.A.
Igirisu U.K.
Indo India
Indoneshia Indonesia
Kankoku South Korea
Tai Thailand
Chūgoku China
Doitsu Germany
Nihon Japan
Burajiru Brazil