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Concepts of Health

What are the 3 stages of Illness ? transition, acceptance and convalescent
_____ is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being health
being completely paralyzed is an example of what type of illness ? chronic
if a person tells you they are feeling ill what type of data is that ? objective
an ______illness is one that develops suddenly and resolves in a short time acute
______illness such as hypertension tends to develop slowly over time , can be controlled but not cured chronic illness
an illness that cannot be cured is also known as a _______illness terminal
When experiencing illness, people actin ways called _____ ______ (two words) illness behaviors
when one has reached one's full potential they are said to have been _____-_________ (two words) self-actualized
individuals who adjust or accept challenges are __________ing. coping
the term for without symptoms is _________ asymptomatic
_______is any activity a person takes to determine her actual state of health and to seek a suitable remedy for a health problem illness behavior
_____is any action undertaken to promote health health behavior
The Asian culture space preference is ________ non contact
African culture space preference is _______ close personal space
European culture space preference is______ non contact , distant
American Indian culture space preference is_____ no boundaries
Hispanic countries' space preference is ____ tactile touch
Asian time orientation is in the ___ present
African time orientation is in the ____ present over future
European time orientation is in the ____ future over present
American Indian time orientation is in the ______ present
Hispanic culture time orientation is in the _____ present
Asian biologic variations include (5 things) liver and stomach cancer, coccidioidomycosis, hypertension, lactose intolerance
African biologic variations include (6 things) sickle cell anemia, hypertension, esophageal and stomach cancer, coccidioidomycosis, lactose intolerance
European biologic variations include (4 things) breast cancer, heart disease, diabetes mellitus, thalassemia
American Indian biologic variations include (4 things) accidents, heart disease, cirrhosis of the liver, diabetes mellitus
Hispanic biologic variations include (4 things) diabetes mellitus, parasites, coccidioidomycosis, lactose intolerance
A _____approach is one that considers the person's biologic, psychological, sociological, and spiritual aspects and needs. holistic
achievement is what need according to Maslow ? self-actualization
psychological comfort is what level of need according to Maslow ? security
oxygenation is what level of need according to Maslow ? physiologic
social interaction is what level of need according to Maslow ? love and belonging
the ______system is not subject to voluntary control autonomic
the central nervous system consists of what two body parts ? brain and spinal cord
the ____ ____ ____ (3 words) is a bundle of nerve fibers in the brain step reticular activating system
during the ______ stage of the general adaptation syndrome hormone release mobilizes body defenses alarm stage
during the ____stage of the general adaptation syndrome the body is battling for equilibrium resistance
during the ____stage of the general adaptation occurs if the stressor is severe and can cause death exhaustion
____means adjusting to or solving challenges coping
you forget the name of your son's girlfriend who he has been dating for 5 years because you do not like her this defense mechanism is _____ repression
your patient's only pet died 3 years ago and he has not gotten a new one but he still keeps the food and water bowl full is exhibiting the defense mechanism denial
a woman who is walking through the casino eyes a female because she finds her attractive she then accuses her present girlfriend of being attracted to a passer-by is exhibiting the following defense mechanism projection
You do not like your new neighbor because their yard is a mess and they are loud late at night. You see them in the yard and you intentionally go over to bring them a batch of muffins despite not liking them is exhibiting which defense mechanism reaction-formation
a husband and wife are divorcing. Their 5 year old is now wetting the bed is exhibiting which defense mechanism regression
a student who does not pass their test indicates the reason he did not pass was because the teacher did not like him and was not fair is exhibiting which defense mechanism rationalization
a 5 year old boy dresses up in jeans and his dad's boots and goes out and digs in the back yard saying he is trying to be "just like Daddy" is exhibiting which defense mechanism identification
a wife who comes home after a bad day at work intentionally runs over the trash can in the driveway is exhibiting which defense mechanism displacement
wearing a seat belt is what level of health promotion primary
consuming no alcohol is what level of health promotion primary
having a regular PAP smear is what level of health promotion secondary
having a mammogram is what level of health promotion secondary
going to cardiorespiratory rehab after a COPD exacerbation is an example of what level of health promotion ? tertiary
Created by: Kelly Quijano