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Nursing and the Healthcare System

________is learning by doing apprenticeship
________procedures are ones that require entry into the body invasive
________is the term used for performing a procedure without introducing infectious material aseptically
A ______ ________ (2 words) is a statement about relationships among concepts or facts based on existing information nursing theory
______ ______ _______ (3 words) is nursing care that uses the best research evidence coupled with the clinical expertise of the clinician, considering the values of the patient evidence based nursing
______ _______ (two words) means the use of care concepts, interventions and techniques that are grounded in research "best practices"
____ ____ (two words) define activities in which nurses may engage , state the legal legal requirements and titles for nursing licensure practice acts
_____ care is supportive treatment for patients who are terminally ill hospice
___________ facilities provide care to incarcerated individuals correctional
________ were created by Medicare in 1983 to contain rising health care costs DRGs
Education and Prevention is what level of care ? preventative
early detection and routine care is what level of care? primary
emergency treatment is what level of care secondary
rehabilitation and home care is what level of care restorative
long term and chronic care is what level of care continuing
What type of organization provides services using a limited network of physicians, and enrolls patients for set monthly fee HMO
What type of organization offers a discount on fees in return for a large pool of potential patients ? PPO
Who was the first visiting nurse? Deaconess Phoebe from Rome
When was nursing recognized as a vocation ? during the Crusades (AD 1100-1200)
Who reformed and managed a charity hospital ? Florence Nightingale
How did Florence Nightingale improve care for the sick during the Crimean War? cleaning the wards, improving ventilation, sanitation and nutrition
Who founded the Red Cross ? Clara Barton
Created by: Kelly Quijano