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Crime 8


S1 Theft Act 1968 Definition of theft
S2-6 Theft Act 1968 Explain elements of definition of theft
Dishonestly/intent to permanently deprive MR of theft
Appropriation of property belonging to another AR of theft
Pitham & Hehl Offering someone's property for sale = appropriation
Morris Switching price labels = appropriation
Lawrence v Met Police Cmr D appropriated V's money with consent!
Hinks Gift was an appropriation
Oxford v Moss Exam Qs were not (intangible) property
Kelly & Lindsay Body parts = property
Patent, bank account, export quota Examples of intangible property
Wild plants, fungi, animals (other than for resale) Things that cannot be stolen
Turner Man convicted of stealing his own car
Woodman V unaware that he had possession of property (scrap metal)
Small Car belonged to nobody
Ricketts v Basildon MC Bags of clothes outside charity shop still belonged to V
Klineberg & Marsden Timeshare - money handed over for a purpose
Davidge v Bunnett Flatmate kept the xmas present money!
Velumyl Money from safe - intended to put different banknotes back in later
Lavender Took doors from one council property & put on another
Lloyd Projectionist 'borrowed' films - not theft
Hall Took fat, accomplice tried to sell it back - was an IPD
Zerei Car taken but abandoned nearby - no IPD
S2(1) TA 1968 D not dishonest if he believes he has a right to take property or owner can't be found
Ivey v Genting Casinos Overrules Ghosh - new test for dishonesty
Section 3 S - Appropriation
Section 4 S - Property
Section 5 S - Belonging to another
Section 2 S - Dishonesty
Section 6 S - IPD
Created by: Mr Lovell