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DoL Sect25.1 &25.2

Flatworms and Nematodes

What type of symmetry do flat worms have bilateral
Flatworms are acoelomate. What does this mean? flatworms do not have any body carvities
What organ do freeliving flatworms extend to release digestive enzymes to begin digestion of food particles? pharynx
What is the head of a tapeworm called? scolex
What are the sections of a tapeworm called? proglottids
What adaptation do tapeworms have that enable them to stay in the intestine tract of their host? their head region has little hooks to fasten the worm to the digestive tract
How do planaria reproduce? regeneration
Flatworms do not have a circulatory system nor a respiratory system. What adaptations do they have to accomplish the functions of those two systems? Their bodies are thin so diffusion can take care of those functions
What adaptation do free living flat worms have to handle excretion of body wastes that Cniderians and Sponges don't have? they have an excretory system
What are two different hosts the parasitic fluke Schistosoma have in their life cycle? humans and snails
How does a person contract a Schistosoma worm? Burrow into the feet of people wading in water that has the worm
Why doesn't a tapeworm have a digestive system? It doesn't need to digest its food since it lives where there is a ready supply of digested food.
What is the common name of nematodes? roundworm
What type of body cavity do nematodes have? pseudocoelomate
What is a pseudocoelom? Fluid filled body cavity between the mesoderm and endoderm.
What adaptation do nematodes have for movement? their pseudocoelom acts as a hydrostatic skeleton for their muscles to push against
What is different about the digestive tract of nematodes versus flatworms? Nematode digestive tract is one way. There is an entrance at one end and an exit at the other.
How do nematodes accomplish moving their nutrients throughout their bodies? diffusion
What disease is called by Trichinella worms? Trichinosis
How does a person contract a hook worm? going barefoot in warm climates (burrows up through foot)
How does a person contract an ascaris worm? From food that is not washed that contains the soil of subtropical and tropical regions
Where do female pinworms lay their eggs? in the skin around the anus of humans
What are two ecological relationships between nematodes and plants? Some nematodes are parasites of plants Some nematodes are used to control the spread of insect predators of plants
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