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Intro to Criminal Ju


misdemeanors less serious crime fine or less than a year in prison
felonies serious offenses, prison for more than a year
arrest detaining of a person by lawful authority
booking recording of the arrest
defendant a person against whom a legal action is brought, a warrant is issue, or an indictment is found
initial appereance a pretrial stage in from of a lower court to be giving notice of the charges and advise of the constitutional rights
summary trial an immediate trial without a jury
probable cause a standard of proof that requires evidence sufficient to make a reasonable person to believe that the action is justified
bail monetary guarantee deposited with the court to ensure that suspects or defendants will appear at a later stage in the criminal justice process
preliminary hearing in a felony case, a pretrial stage at which a judge determines whether there is a probable cause
grand jury a group of citizen who meet to investigate charges coming from preliminary hearings
information a document that outlines formal charges against the suspect, the law that have been violated, and the evidence that support the charges
arraignment pretrial stage to hear the information or indictment and to allow a plea
plea bargaining when specific sentence is imposed if the accused pleas guilty to an agreed-on charges instead of going to trial
bench trial a trial before a judge without a jury
probation a sentence in which the offender is retained in the community under supervision of a probation agency
parole the conditional release of prisoners before they have served their full sentence
system a smoothly operating set of arrangements and institutions directed toward the achievement of a common goals
crime control model (conservative) efficiency in the process
due process model protect the innocent and convict the guilty defends personal freedom and prevention of tyranny
doctrine of legal guilt for people to be found guilty of crimes, they must be found both factually and legally guilty
myths beliefs based on emotion rather than analysis
institution of social control an organization that persuades people to abide by dominant values of society
jurisdiction a political defined geographical area
Agencies of the criminal justice system police, courts, corrections
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