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Pediatric Nursing M1

Piaget's cognitive developmental level of the adolescent? Formal Operational Stage
Piaget's cognitive developmental level of the 2-6 year old? Preoperational Thought
Piaget's cognitive developmental level of the 7-11 year old? Concrete operational Thought
Piaget's cognitive developmental level from birth to 2 years old? Sensorimotor
The blueprint for all inherited traits Chromosomes
Infants gain approximately how many lbs per month during the first 5 months of life? 1.5lbs
What is the average weight of a 6 month old 16lbs
Birth weight is at least doubled by what age? 5 months
Birth weight is tripled by what age? 1 year
A child should be able to sit unsupported by about what age? 7-8 months
What order should solid food be introduced? Cereals, fruits/veggies, then meats
Breast milk or formula is the only food most babies need until they are how old? 4-6 months
At what age do children reach he maturity necessary to begin toilet training? 18-24 months
When a toddler is struggling with autonomy in opposition to shame and doubt what skills help the child become more independent? Walking, talking, self-feeding, and beginning toilet training
Delay of what food helps the child to avoid the development of a food allergy. How long should these foods be avoided? citrus fruits, egg whites, and wheat flour. The first 6 months
How would you teach the mother of an infant about oral hygiene? Oral hygiene for the young infant consists of offering sips of clear water and wiping and massaging the infant's gums.
Created by: mrsshatwell