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scientific method

introduction unit

what are the steps of the scientific method in order? purpose, research, hypothesis, experiment, analysis, conclusion
what step compares the hypothesis to the results? conculsion
what step predicts the outcome? hypothesis
what step records what happened during experiment? analysis
what step states the problem or what you want to learn? purpose
in what step do you find out as much about your topic as possible? research
what step develops a steps to test the hypothesis? experiment
using your five senses to learn about an object or event is ----- observing
what are factors in an experiment that remain the same for all test groups? constant variables
what is the factor in an experiment that we change to test the hypothesis? independent variable
what are the factors in an experiment that are measured and recorded to determine the conclusion? dependent variable
what do we call a guess about the future? prediction
what do we call an explanation (or guess explaining) of a past event? inference
what do we call it when a scientist performing an experiment influences the results in order to portray a certain outcome? bias
what are explanations of observations or events based on knowledge gained from many observations and investigations? scientific theory
what describes a pattern or event in nature that is always true? scientific law
is the following statement an inference or prediction? Amy saw her friend wearing a jacket and thought, "It must be cold outside." inference
Sid saw all the kids wearing shorts. Sid made am ____________ observation
when the weather man said it will rain tonight he made a/an ______ prediction
when Sandy said, "I found that playing music for my plants did not make them grow any taller than plants without music." she stated a -------- conclusion
what else do I need to be able to do for this test? Identify the steps of the scientific method in a scenario. Identify independent, dependent and constant variables. Identify control groups. Identify and make predictions, observation and inferences.
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