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Flavin MLE ch 5

C5 Code & Standards Infractions

Bias A preference of one thing over another, usually unfairly favoring.
Compliance Adherence to guidelines and regulations set forth by an organization and/or a governing body.
Confidentiality Agreement to maintain and respect the privacy of certain information disclosed. Ex: patient privacy.
Discrimination Treatment of a person or thing, either unsupported or supportive, based on bias or prejudice.
Due process Procedures or actions followed to safeguard individual rights. In the workplace, the process to safeguard an employee if he or she feels his or her rights are in jeopardy.
Fraud Deliberate, intentional act to mislead for financial gain.
HIPAA Set of laws regulated by the Office for Civil Rights that protect an secure the information and privacy of patients.
Medical Practice Acts Laws defined by each of the states that regulate the licensing and medical laws for that state and define the scope of practice for licensed and unlicensed individuals in the healthcare field.
OSHA Federal agency within the Department of Labor that designs, regulates, and monitors standards for employee safety.
Protected Health information Information about any indivudual that is identifiable and private about the individual. Ex. SSN & DOB
Sanctions Penalties that can be levied on an individual for violating a policy or rule.
Stark laws Laws designed to maintain the integrity of the medical field; include antitrust and anti-kickback laws to prevent physicians from gaining financially from solicitation of services or monopolization of services.
Created by: Iteach4Docs
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