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Acute Abdomen

Abdomenal pain

lines the abdomenal cavity parietal perotoneum
covers the organs themselves visceral peritoneum
bathes and lubercates the abdomenal organs peritoneal fluid
inflammation of the peritoneum peritonitis
medical term referring to the sudden onset of abdomenal pain acute abdomen
a severe intermittent cramping pain colic
the erosion of the stomach or duodenum ulcers
meaning:inflammation of glallbladder cholecystitis
inflammation of the pancreas pancreatitis
forms digestive juices and also the source of insulin pacreas
small recess in the large intestine appendix
the inflammtion of small pouch in the large intestines diverticulitis
location:Right lower quadrant(direct), around navel (referred) rebounding pain( pain on palpation) Appendictis
Location: Right upper quadrant(direct), right shoulder (referred) Cholecystitis
Location: Upper mid abdomen, or upper back ulcer
Location: Left lower quadreant diverticulitis
Location: Lower back, lower quadrant aortic aneurysm
Location: Lower mid abdomen (retro pubic) Cystitis
Location: Costovertebral angle kedney infection
Location: Right or left flank, radiating to genitalia Kedney stones
Both lower quadrants Pelvic inflammation
Upper abdomen (both quadrants), back pancreatitis
Associated with the release of an egg from ovary mittelschmerz
an infection of the fallopian tubes and surrounding tissue Pelvic Inflammitory Disease
the fertilized egg has come to lie in an area outside the uterus etopic pregnacy
a protrusion of an organ or tissue through a hole in the body wall covering its normal site hernia
when the hernia mass will disappear back into the body cavity in which it belongs reducible
if the hernia mass can't be pushed back within the body incarcerated
Complete obstruction of blood curculation in a given organ as a result of compression or entrapment; an emergency situation causing death of tissue strangulation
guarding can be seen with... pancreasitis, ulcer
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