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digital vocab

Cookies small computer text files placed in your computer by the sites you visit that collect info about your computer system and the webpages you view.
Creative Commons the digital-era answer to copyright for those artistic creators that wish to share their works. There are various levels for which they agree to share (almost all levels include giving credit to the creator).
Digital Citizenship the process of acting ethically and responsibly when accessing digital information as well as respecting the creative rights of the digital global community.
Digital photo manipulation using digital technology to change the content or appearance of a photo.
File Sharing providing access to digitally stored information/music on servers or websites.
Piracy to illegally copy or download copyrighted material.
Tag to add a descriptive word, label or phrase that can be placed on many things including photos and videos.
Third party a person or company other than you and the owner of the website you visit.
Created by: brandonew