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SacPD Radio Codes

Radio/Activity/Type Codes

994D Explosive Device
415E Noise Disturbance
970A Unoccupied Vehicle in Violation Zone
5150 Mental Subject
207 Kidnapping
972 At-Risk Missing Person
901AB Vehicle Accident into Building
AU All Units Broadcast
945P Medical Aid (Suspect On-Scene)
908A Out of Service (Available)
928 Narcotic Activity
971W Suspicious Vehicle (Occupied) (Weapon)
996 Found Property
290 Sex Offender (High Risk)
Code 93 Code 3 Cover (Outside Agencies)
240 Assault
487 Grand Theft
972FAX Missing Person (Faxed Report)
261 Rape
647B Prostitution (Solicitation Only)
447 Arson
ATTPU Attempted Pickup/Warrant Service
Code 900 Dire Emergency
Code 8 Request to Transmit on a Specific Channel
480 Hit and Run (Felony)
909 In Service (Available)
994 Bomb Threat
940A Meet the Citizen
910 Prowler
288 Other Sex Crimes
901A Vehicle Accident (Injuries)
905 Traffic Control
912 Vehicle License Check
925 Location
242 Battery
939 Confidential Information for Officer Only
459 Burglary
972R Missing Person (Report)
502 Drunk Driver
992E Errand
246 Shooting into Inhabited Dwelling
505 Reckless Driver
484 Petty Theft
936 Warrants Check
AD All Divisions Broadcast
Code 2 Urgent Call (Do Not Delay but Obey All Traffic Reg's)
971 Suspicious Vehicle (Occupied)
908 Out of Service (Unavailable)
215 Carjacking
417 Brandishing
936F Subject Wanted for Felony
903 Abandoned Vehicle
940 Meet the Officer
923 Indecent Exposure
AMBER Amber Alert
415F Family Disturbance
Code 1000 Silent Robbery Alarm
Code 3 Emergency Call (Lights and Siren)
187 Homicide
415 Disturbing the Peace (Clarify)
Code 7 Request Permission to Eat
924 En Route to Jail or Headquarters
414 Keeping the Peace
952 Incomplete Call for Police
936M Subject Wanted for Misdemeanor
933 Burglary Alarm
926 Dead Body
247 Shooting into an Unoccupied Vehicle
913 Vehicle Registration Information
992 Transportation
AZ All Zones Broadcast
503 Stolen Vehicle
901 Vehicle Accident
983 Check on Hazard
940S Meet the Supervisor
245 Assault with Deadly Weapon
952PP Incomplete Call for Police from Payphone
952V Panic Alarm (Vehicle)
415DV Domestic Violence (Verbal Only)
970B Unoccupied Vehicle Blocking Driveway
978 Driver's License Check
914E Urgent Telephone Message
496 Possession of Stolen Property
594 Vandalism
907 On Reports
921 Car Clout
981 Welfare Check
945 Medical Aid
481 Hit and Run (Misdemeanor)
952R Ringing Panic Alarm (Residence)
476 Forgery
952A Silent Panic Alarm (Residence)
Code 12 Sergeant's Advisal of Delayed Call
927 Suspicious Person or Circumstances
941 Prisoner in Custody
Code 10 Return to Normal Duty
914A Private Residence
941P Prisoner in Custody (Felony/415 Involved)
273 Child Neglect
211 Robbery
Code 1 Perform Critical Activity Only
273.5 Domestic Violence
Code 4 No Further Assistance Needed (Stable)
922 Drunk Subject
995 Fire/Medics Needed
906 Arrival On Scene
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