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Bowel Elim 2018

Ch 30 Funds

The term ___________________refers to intestine bowel
____________________ _____________________ is the excretion of solid waste bowel elimination
____________________ is the process that involves processing nutrients digestion
another name for waste matter is ________________ stool
a ______________________ is an alternative for waste elimination when there is disease of the intestine ostomy
a(n) ________________ is a opening of the intestine for outflow ostomy
The ___________________________ intestine consists of the duodenum, jejunum and ileum small
liquefied food and digestive juices is called ________ chyme
the small intestine attaches at the large intestine at the ________ cecum
the _____________valve controls the progress of substances into the large intestine ilecocecal
the large intestine has how many main sections four
the first section of the large intestine is the ___________ ascending colon
the second section of the large intestine is the _________ transverse colon
the third section of the large intestine is the __________ descending colon
the fourth and final main section of the large intestine is the ______ sigmoid colon
the large intestine is ________ inches long or _______ meters long 59 inches or 1.5 meters
the distal portion of the large intestine where feces are stored is the ________ rectum
the opening of the rectum at the skin is the_________ anus
the walls of the intestines have how many layers ? 4
the four layers of the intestines are (list them) mucosa, submucosa, muscular, serous (serosa)
the __________intestine processes chyme into a more liquid state small
food substances are absorbed into the blood stream from the intestine via what structures? villi
water, sodium and chloride are reabsorbed in what part of the intestine? large intestine
waste material is propelled into the anus from what part of the intestine ? (large? or small?) large intestine
___________ is extracted in the large intestine during transit of waste product water
wavelike movement through the intestine is called ______ peristalsis
gas is formed by what action in the intestines? bacterial
what structures/anatomy assists chyme to move through the intestine ? contraction and expansion of : circular, longitudinal, and oblique muscle layers
what causes the rumbling noise of bowel sounds ? movement of liquid and gas
how long does it take for food to move from the mouth to anus ? 18 to 72 hours
where are feces stored before they move into the rectum ? sigmoid colon
as the rectum fills pressure from what structure increases until the urge to defecate occurs ? sphincter
__________________ muscles outside of the digestive system contract to help force evacuation of the rectum abdominal
the _________sphincter is located at the top of the anal canal is under INVOLUNTARY control internal anal
the ____________________sphincter is located at the end of the anal canal and is controlled VOLUNTARILY external anal
the _____________________ reflex initiates peristalsis gastrocolic
how can reflex emptying of the rectum be stopped ? by tightening the voluntary anal sphincter
____________ pressure increases when a person holds their breath, closes the glottis and tightens the abdominal muscles valsalva
the ________________ _____________________________ attaches to the cecum of the ascending colon and has no known function vermiform appendix
as a person ages the _________ in the small intestine atrophy causing less absorptive surface villi
solid waste material consists of ______________% dead bacteria and ________________% undigested roughage 30 , 70
Normal stool is what color? light to dark brown
what is the consistency of normal stool in adults ? soft formed
infant stool may be what color and what consistency? dark yellow, unformed
the color of stool is caused by what digestive fluid? bile
what diameter is stool usually (in inches) ? also known as caliber 1"
hidden blood in stool is known as __________ blood occult
old blood in the stool is usually what color? dark black
what should a nurse do if stool presents with blood in it? report promptly and document
an enlarged vein inside or just outside the rectum is known as what ? hemorrhoid
what conditions can cause blood in the stool ? inflammation, irritation
bright red blood in the stool is a sign of ________________ in the ________intestine recent GI bleed , large
blood that comes from the _____________intestine or _________ and undergoes partial digestion is ____________ in color small , stomach, dark black (tarry)
pale or white stool indicates absence of what in the intestine? bile
the bile arrives in the intestine via what structure? common bile duct
stools with abnormally high fat content and are foul smelling is called ________________- steatorrhea
steatorrhea causes stools to do what in water ? float
the most common parasites in the intestines are (3): tapeworm, pinworm, roundworm
the anal area of a child will itch when they are infected with what parasite? pinworms
the first sign of colorectal cancer is: change in bowel pattern and stool characteristics
colonoscopy screening begins at what age normally? 50
an absence or reduction in preistaltic movement of the boewl results in a __________________ bowel sound hypoactive
hypoactive bowel sounds is MOST often caused by______ immobility
a person may develop a _______________ ___________________ post operatively paralytic ileus
lack of sufficient dietary ______________ may result in hypoactive bowels fiber
decreased frequency of bowel movements or passage of hard feces is known as __________________ constipation
in constipation feces tend to back up into what structure ? colon
lack of muscle tone may contribute to what bowel disorder? constipation
worry, anxiety and fear may cause what bowel disorder? constipation
__________________ ____________________ slow peristalsis by depressing CNS activity (often used during surgeries) general anesthetics
codeine, morphine and meperidine are examples of what drug class that contribute to constipation? narcotics
_______________ rid the body of fluid and can contribute to constipation diuretics
_____________________ drug class alters CNS activity and have a drying effect and are used for depression. antidepressants
_____________________ interfere with muscle activation, causing decreased tone in and motility of the GI tract and have drying effects anticholinergics
______________ ________________ ____________________ cause a blockade of certain channels and affect smooth muscle contraction contributing to constipation calcium channel blockers
a patient restricted to ______________ rest is at risk for constipation bed
______________ XRay puts a patient at significant risk for constipation barium
abdominal distention is caused by _______________ accumulation in the intestinal tract when peristalsis is reduced flatus
discomfort and pain in the abdomen when there is distention is caused by what ? stretching of the intestinal wall and spasm of muscle layers
Older adults who live alone tend to eat more ______________ foods and _______________ convenience foods and do not take in sufficient fiber processed, convenience
many older adults decrease fluid intake to avoid what ? urinary urgency or stress incontinence
Mineral oil taken by older adults to aid in evacuation should be told mineral oil interferes with what ? vitamin absorption
_____________ _________________ is when the rectum and sigmoid colon become filled with hardened fecal material fecal impaction
colace, surfak, miralx belong to what drug class ? stool softener
fibercon, metamucil and citrucel belong to what drug class ? bulk forming
dulcolax, senokot, ex lax are what type of laxative? irritant / stimulant
citrate magnesia, magnesium hydroxide, phospho soda belong to what drug class ? saline laxatives
lomotil, immodium and motofen are classified as what type of drugs? antidiarrheals
increased motility of the GI tract results in what type of bowel ? hyperactive
patients who have gastric bypass may experience ____________ diarrhea
___________occurs when increased peristalsis pushes food through the intestinal tract too quickly diarrhea
___________ may occur to rid the body of toxins from spoiled food diarrhea
diarrhea can lead to temporary lack of control of bowel movements known as _____________ _________________ fecal incontinence
consumption of tea, coffee or soda contributes to what condition ? dehydration
_______________ ___________________ is accomplished by consuming clear liquids and avoiding solid food for a day or two bowel rest
resumption of foods following bowel rests starts with what type of diet ? bland, low fiber
having a bowel movement every 2 or 3 days is ......normal or abnormal for some people normal
what is the order of the physical data gathering for an abdominal evaluation ? observe, auscultate, percuss, palpate
loud hyperactive sounds are called ________ borborygmi (bore-bore-ig-mee)
_______________________ is when an abdomen is round and tighter distention
areas of gas that are present in the abdomen will sound like what on percussion? hollow , drum-like
when the patient has not experienced a bowel movement in _______days measures should be taken to assist 3
___________ _____________ such as glycerin and bisacodyl promote evacuation rectal suppositories
How do rectal suppositories promote elimination ? stimulating inner surface of intestine, forming gas to expand the rectum, melting lubricating to coat stool for easier passage
introduction of fluid into the rectum by means of a tube is called a(n) _________________ enema
a ____________________ enema is given when the bowel is to be examined by Xray, colonoscopy etc. cleansing
the volume of the cleansing enema is for an infant or toddler is what range in mls ? 50-150
the volume of a cleansing enema for a child age 3 to 5 is what range in mls ? 200 - 300
the volume of a cleansing enema for a school age child is what range in mls? 300-500
the volume of a cleansing enema for an adult is what range in mls ? 500-1000
a disposable enema small volume may be referred to as a "_______" enema (brand name) Fleet
a __________ lubricating enema may be indicated for constipation oil-retention
how many milliliters of an oil-retention enema is administered to an adult ? 120-180mls
how long should an oil retention enema be retained ? at least 20 minutes
what temperature should enema solution be prior to administering ? room temp or slightly warmed
how many mls does a disposable enema generally contain ? 240 mls
what position is the position of preference for enema administration ? LEFT Sims
according to QSEN safety the enema should be what temp? 105
according to QSEN safety the enema temperature can be tested by what method ? bath thermometer or tested on inner wrist
What is the reasoning behind LEFT sims position for enemas ? to allow for normal flow into the rectum and descending colon
when a patient is uncomfortable from gas in the lower bowel a ________ ____________ can be inserted into the anus rectal tube
True or False with an ileostomy a diet low in protein is recommended false - HIGH protein
True or False creamy peanut butter and potatoes with the skin control are good to control diarrhea False - potatoes WITHOUT the skin
True or False bananas soften the consistency of stool False
True or False Beans and eggs increase stool odor True
True or False Beets and yogurt reduce stool odor True
measurement for the ostomy opening of the faceplate to the bag/pouch should be ___________-- larger than the stoma 1/4 inch
if the stoma opening for the ostomy pouch is too small what happens ? restricts blood flow
How long does a bowel training program take on average ? 2 to 3 months or longer
what does a pale or dusky stoma indicate compromised blood flow
Created by: Kelly Quijano