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Asia Mini Quiz

Revision for unit 3 test

What are two dominant religions in Asia? Muslim & Buddhism
What does the O in BOLTS stands for? Orientation
What continent does Australia belong to? Oceania
What is the currency of Indonesia? Rupiah
What two animals appear on the Australian coat of arms? Kangaroo and emu
How many continents are there? Seven
What political party does the Prime Minister of Australia belong to? Liberal party - Malcolm Turnbull
What is the longest river in Asia? Yangtze River
True or False – Indonesia has a larger population than Australia? True
What are Asia’s six sub-continents Central Asia East Asia North Asia India Subcontinent Southeast Asia Southwest Asia
On what Island of Indonesia is the capital of Jakarta located? Java
Describe the Indonesian flag - Divided in half horizontally, red on top, white on bottom
What does the B in BOLTSS stand for? Border
What is Indonesia’s main import? Liquid petroleum
In which state or territory is Canberra located? Australian Capital Territory ( ACT )
Which coast of Australia borders the Indian Ocean? Western
What is a by-product? A secondary use for a product that is produced when growing/manufacturing something else
What is the time zone of China?? China Standard Time
What is the name of the highest point on Earth? Mt Everest
What is the name of the ocean found near East Asia and Australia? Pacific Ocean
What does GDP stand for? What is it measured in? Gross Domestic Product Current US dollars
What does the second S in BOLTSS stand for? Source
What type of Government does Indonesia have? What is the title of their leader? Republic (Same as America) President
How many varieties of rice are there? More than 8,000 varieties
What is an archipelago? A country or land mass made up of many Islands
What is food security? When all people, at all times have physical and financial access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food
What is population density? The measure / amount of people per square kilometer
What is the capital of Singapore? Singapore
Created by: smtaylor



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