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Trach,Elimination and Diabetes

A healthy adult excretes.. 1000-1500ml of urine a day
What factors affect the amount of urine produced? Amount and kind of fluid ingested,age, amount of salt in the diet, illness and medications.
What substances cause the body to produce more urine? Coffee, tea, alcohol and some medications
When water is retained.. less urine is produced
Urine production is also influenced by.. body temp, amount of perspiration and external temp.
What colors does urine range from? Pale yellow to amber, (the higer the concentration, the more the intense color)
What does extreamly pale urine indicate? excessive fluid or diabetes insipidus
What does reddish urine indicate? Eating beets or the precence of red blood cells, valproicacid
What does yellow-orange urine indicate? Taking drugs such as phenazopyridine, hydrocholoride or dantrolene
What does greenish urine indicate? bile
What does blackish-brown urine indicate? mercury poisoning or old blood
What does milky-white urine indicate? Pus or genito-urinary tract infection
What is clarity? When the urine is excreated it normally appears clear, report to the nurse and document urine that looks cloudy, turbid or smoky, this may be due to a UTI
What is odor, in relation to urine? Since urine is normally faintly aromatic, a pleasant "sweet" odour may indicate a sign of diabetes mellitus, unpleasant or strong odor may indicate ingestions of a certain drug or food such as asparagus, or a UTI Call OCN`
Created by: sarahschester