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Woody Plants week 4

common, scientific, family name

Acer rubrum Red maple, Sapindaceae
Amelanchier arborea Downy serviceberry, Rosaceae
Castanea dentata American chestnut, Fagaceae
Cornus alternifolia Cornaceae, Alternate-leaved dogwood
Cornus foemina Cornaceae, Gray dogwood
Decodon verticillatus Lythraceae, Water-willow
Dirca palustris Thymelaeaceae, Leatherwood
Fraxinus nigra Oleaceae, Black ash
Juglans cinerea Juglandaceae, Butternut
Liriodendron tulipifera Magnoliaceae, Tuliptree
Quercus ellipsoidali Fagaceae, Northern pin oak
Ribes americanum Saxifragaceae, Wild black currant
Salix amygdaloides Salicaceae, Peachleaf willow
Salix exigua Salicaceae, Sandbar willow
Sambucus canadensis Caprifoliaceae, Common elder
Thuja occidentalis Cupressaceae, Norhtern white-cedar
Viburnum trilobum Caprifoliaceae, Highbush-cranberry
Created by: wildkarde13